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Information About County Jails And Prisons

Get detailed information about a county jail or state prison using the navigation tabs above.
Jails and inmate searches are listed together; state prisons list the locations they manage.
Empty Jail Cells
This county jail directory of over 3000 jails in the United States plus prisons is a public tool and no membership is required. Inmate searches for each state are included with the main facility's description. If you aren't sure which jail you're looking for, use the county jail search and enter as much as you can about the jail itself; city, state, address or phone number. Not every county has a jail, website, inmate search or online capabilities to search for warrants, mugshots and most wanted; most questions can be answered by using the contact information provided. There are a few city jail and detention center locations that are listed along with related counties in each state, some counties refer to their jails as prisons or use regional jails but you can also find county jail inmates at any location over the telephone just by calling the facility concerning the prisoners they detain.